FASTECH represents Kin Yip
in Mexico

Kin Yip was established in Hong Kong in 1984 and was established in Huizhou in 2005. It joined the Kingboard Group in April 2018 and became a group subsidiary.

Kin Yip - Jianye Technology Electronics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. is located in Daya Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, covering an area of ​​80,000 square meters. Board production line. The factory is automated production equipment, equipped with a comfortable working environment and complete supporting facilities. It has 1,200 employees and a total investment of approximately RMB 580 million. Monthly production capacity can reach 2,500,000 square feet.

The company has fully invested in multiple sets of automated production equipment at its production base in Huizhou. Cooperating with the company's process capabilities, it has improved the quality and efficiency of its products.

Company Overview
Customer-oriented, people-oriented, zero-defect Total investment: 700 million Hong Kong dollars Plant area: 80,000 square meters Production capacity: 2.5 million square feet / month.

Vertical supply chain
The laminated board materials for PCB production are all produced by the group; (from the most upstream basic chemical raw materials to the midstream processed glass fiber / glass cloth and the final cost laminated board is 100% self-made).

Low cost advantage
Through the advantages of the Group's vertical supply chain, the cost of each link can be effectively controlled, which gives our products a very high cost advantage.

Fastech is Kin Yip’s Mexico sales representative

Fast and stable delivery
Close communication with the group of the front-end multilayer board factory can ensure the stable and fast supply of sheet materials, and effectively guarantee the stable and fast delivery of PCB.

Technical support
Product development and technical support of the board factory in the front of the group; there are more than 20 PCB factories in the same industry of the group, and the products cover HDI / high-density multi-layer, etc., establish a strong technology sharing platform, and conduct effective technical communication and support closely.