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Our strong foundation and mission as a company is Integrity and Focused Interaction with the Principals and Customers in order to be aligned with the market & business growth for both design and customer service.


Our vast understanding of technology coupled with our strong customer relationships enable us to drive positive results for the companies that we represent.


Work Team

Juan Manuel Cardenas

President and Sales Manager

Over 25 years of experience in the Electronics Industry & Sales Rep business in America, Asia and Europe.

Main Activities: Company and Field Sales Management, teamwork activities and customer relationships in order to meet and succeed sales goals.

Phone: +52 (33) 3641.5051
Mobile: +52 (1) 3338.092995
Email: juan@jmcsc.com.mx
Skype: juan-manuel-cardenas

Yaina Becerra

Account Manager

Over 12 years of experience in the Electronics Industry servicing the major Electronic Contract Manufacturers.

Main Activities: Customer Support, Inside & Outside Sales for major EMS.

Phone: +52 (33) 3641.5051
Phone: +52 (33) 3641.5052
Mobile: +52 (1) 3311.955479
Email: yaina@jmcsc.com.mx
Skype: yaina.bp

Daniel Navarrete

Sales Engineer and Account Manager

Over 8 years of experience at several major Electronic Contract Manufacturers and OEMs.

Main activities: Account and design application management.

Phone: 52 (33) 3641.5051
Mobile: 52 (1) 3314.790833
Email: daniel@jmcsc.com.mx
Skype: daniel-navarrete-s

Christhian Preciado

Account & Distribution Manager

Over 11 years of experience in the Electronics Industry. Deep understanding and management of Supply Chain.

Main activities: Sales and opportunity oriented, customer support and opportunity development with distributors and lead contact for lighting industry.

Phone: 52 (33) 3641.5051
Mobile: 52 (1) 3321.844549
Email: christhian@jmcsc.com.mx
Skype: christhian_preciado